By now, the fact that nursing homes are rampant with COVID-19 infections is practically inescapable—but even if the patients somehow avoid infection, they may still be victims of nursing home abuse. As healthcare workers are overworked and facilities are increasingly understaffed, it is often simply not possible for every patient to get the care they need. Patients are dying of neglect, which is one type of nursing home abuse.

Unusual Mortality Rates

According to the AP News, “A nursing home expert who analyzed data from the country’s 15,000 facilities…estimates that for every two COVID-19 victims in long-term care, there is another who died prematurely of other causes. Those ‘excess deaths’ beyond the normal rate of fatalities in nursing homes could total more than 40,000 since March.” The deaths are about 15 percent more than would be expected on top of the COVID-19 deaths already occurring. The more infections that happen in a nursing home, the more likely they are to have an increased death rate from other causes. Experts say that this is because healthcare staff is already stretched thin—adding a global health crisis on top of it has been a recipe for disaster.

Despite the fact that workers are certainly pushed to the limit these days, there’s still no excuse for nursing home abuse—and make no mistake, neglect is abuse. Patients are dying of hunger and dehydration simply because they are not receiving the care that their loved ones are paying for.

Protecting Your Loved One

If you have a family member or loved one in a nursing home during the pandemic, it can be difficult to monitor their care. One way to keep on top of what’s happening—and protect their emotional health—is to make sure that you call, video chat, email or text message them as often as possible. Although it’s not ideal, you’ll be able to see or hear how they’re doing. If you notice a decline, you can follow up with staff as much as possible.

Talking to nursing home staff on a regular basis is good practice anyway, even without the pandemic. Ask for updates on your loved one’s care on a weekly basis, as well as whether there have been any infections and what they’re doing about it. Even if you have to stay away for the time being, it’s important to get as much information as possible. It may even save their life.

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