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12900 Grey St.
Logan, Ohio 43138

If you’ve been catastrophically injured at work, at the hospital, or even just on the Ohio Turnpike, then you need to give me a call.  As the top injury lawyer in the state, I have represented and won hundreds of cases like yours.  No other lawyer has won as many cases as I have, and that’s because I offer three things that exceeds what you might find anywhere else:

  • I have the experience to help you win.
  • I have the knowledge to help you win.
  • I have the resources to help you win.

I have served the Hocking County area (and the surrounding regions, including Fairfield, Pickaway, Ross, Vinton, Athens, and Perry Counties) for nearly forty years with unmatched skill and compassion.  With an office conveniently located right off Chieftain Drive here in Hocking Valley, you can find me just minutes off Route 33.  You can also meet me at any of my 19 other satellite locations across the state.  I can also come to you, if you prefer; I’ve met clients just about anywhere you could think of, including at hospitals, in cafes, and even in their own homes.

As your lawyer, I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re having to bend over backwards to get ahold of me.  That’s why I’ll give you my personal cell phone number so you can reach out to me any hour of the day.  I know that not everyone works on the typical 9-to-5 schedule, so please feel free to call me whenever you have questions.  I’m here for you.

You shouldn’t have to worry about money when you’re already stressed and wondering how you’re going to pay your bills when you’re disabled and unable to work.  Not only will I fight tirelessly to ensure you get the maximum settlement possible for pain and suffering, I’ll also pay all upfront costs of your claim out of my own pocket, calling on the best witnesses and paying all court filing fees myself.  You won’t owe me a single penny; I work on a contingency basis, which means that my fee comes out of a portion of your compensation.  If you don’t get paid, then neither do I.

If you or a family member has been catastrophically harmed here in the Logan area, you need to call me right away at 1 (877) 614-9524 for your FREE initial consultation.  Whether your injury was due to the negligence of your doctor, the carelessness of your employer, or the recklessness of another driver, I’ll fight tirelessly to help you get the resolution you deserve for your pain and suffering — and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Logan, Ohio's Top Personal Injury Attorney - Tim Misny
As a personal injury lawyer with an office in Logan, Ohio, I have helped hundreds of injured victims obtain justice and compensation for their injuries. Time is very important when bringing a medical malpractice claim against a Logan, Ohio physician . If you suspect you have been injure by medical malpractice, call me today and I will meet with you today.
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