When you’re looking forward to becoming a parent, you may plan for all the highs and lows your child might encounter throughout life—but most people don’t account for the possibility of birth injury. Traumatic birth injuries range from minor injuries that heal quickly to devastating lifetime effects. If your child suffered a birth injury in Ohio, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover damages.

What Kinds of Injuries Commonly Occur During Birth?

  • Peripheral nerve damage. Peripheral nerves are those found outside the spinal cord and brain. During birth, the nerves that control the arms and hands can be injured, which leaves the infant unable to move their upper limbs. This is called Erb’s Palsy, and injuries may resolve themselves over time. However, if the nerve is torn, the damage may be permanent.
  • Brain injury. Brain injuries often result in hemorrhage or oxygen deprivation. Hemorrhages can occur in between the skin and skull, inside the skull and even within the ventricular system, where the spinal fluid is produced. Oxygen deprivation and lack of blood flow during delivery can also result in brain injury. Both hemorrhage and oxygen deprivation can have mild to severe effects.
  • Cranial nerve and spinal cord damage. Sometimes the baby is overstretched or pulled during delivery, which can result in spinal cord damage and facial nerve paralysis. Facial nerve paralysis is often caused by forceps or when inappropriate pressure is put on the face. Spinal cord injuries are even more serious and can result in respiratory failure, hemorrhages or general weakness.
  • Bone fractures and separations. If your baby is particularly large, was born breech or you had a shoulder dystocia birth, your baby may suffer bone fractures or separations. In some cases, the bone may be separated from the surrounding cartilage. In others, your baby might undergo actual fractures.

If your child was born before 37 weeks, was over 8 pounds, 13 ounces, was born breech, after a prolonged labor or required instrumental assistance (such as forceps), they are more at risk for birth injuries. Women with small pelvises are also at an increased risk for babies born with birth injuries.

If your child has suffered a birth injury, or you suspect the risk factors above may have affected your child, call an experienced attorney right away. While relatively rare, these injuries can affect your child for months, years or even the rest of their lives.

Contact Me for Assistance with Your Birth Injury Lawsuit

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