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Workers’ Compensation Claims Process


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Nobody agrees to take a job with the understanding that they’ll get injured or ill on the job as par for the course, but unfortunately, these things to happen to honest, hard workers.  While injuries, accidents, and illnesses are unexpected and unwelcome surprises, workers’ compensation helps give the worker the financial compensation they require to help them recover.

The problem is that workers’ compensation, and Ohio in general, is a very hostile state for workers.  Getting your claim approved is a lengthy, tedious process, and it truly does seem as though they want you to become discouraged and accept a paltry, insulting settlement or even nothing at all for your troubles.

It’s important to have me in your corner when you pursue a workers’ compensation claim against your employer.  I have nearly forty years of knowledge and experience serving the greater Columbus, Ohio area to help you get the maximum financial restitution from dishonest employers who don’t want you to get recourse for your injury or illness.  The fact is, a workplace injury or illness can be not only financially devastating, but it can cause a great emotional toll on the worker as well.  Not only are you losing your livelihood, you may lose your ability to participate in your favorite hobbies or even get through day to day life without great pain.  That’s not even taking into consideration the huge pile of medical bills you’re facing as part of your recovery, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Don’t think that you need to sustain a disfiguring physical injury to get compensation, either.  Workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Back injuries
  • Machine accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries (such as carpal tunnel)
  • Inhaled toxins
  • Mental illness (including PTSD)

Even if you have a pre-existing condition or your employer says you’re to blame for the injury, don’t let that deter you from getting the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.  You can also file multiple claims at one time, and I can even help you file civil suit against your employer.

If you’ve suffered from a workplace-related injury or illness, or someone you love lost their life at work, you are entitled to financial restitution.  As your lawyer, I’ll work on a contingency to make sure that you get your compensation without paying a single penny out of your pocket, and I’ll fight for you tirelessly to ensure your claim does not get denied.  Please give me call TODAY at 1 (877) 614-9524 for your free initial consultation if you’ve been injured or sickened at work – I’ll make sure you get the compensation you deserve and I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Process
You've suffered a work injury and have no idea what to do next. Does this sound familiar? The workers' compensation claims process is far from easy and therefore I strongly recommended injured workers seek the advice of an experienced work injury lawyer.
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