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Why You Need Umbrella Coverage


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Having an umbrella isn’t just for rainy days.  Even when you think you have adequate insurance, an umbrella insurance plan can reach right over all the others and keep you covered when you reach your limit on them.

What’s the point of umbrella insurance?  To put it bluntly, it’s there to save you when your other insurances aren’t picking up the slack.  Say, hypothetically, that you have a plan that covers $100,000 for automobiles.  Sounds pretty good, right?  But what if something terrible happens in your own back yard and you’re suddenly facing litigation that exceeds a half million dollars?  That’s where your umbrella insurance policy steps in: with $1,000,000 in coverage, your umbrella insurance plan picks up where the other insurance fell short.

Umbrella insurance is extremely affordable, too, giving you peace of mind for less than a cup of coffee per day.  For around $1 per day, you can get $1,000,000 in umbrella coverage.  That’s not bad at all.

What does umbrella coverage do, though?  It will save you from being broke and penniless, keep you from losing your savings and retirement, and it will give you peace of mind to know you’re protected even when bad things happen – that are no fault of your own!

Examples of why you need umbrella insurance include:

  • Your neighbor’s kid steals your car, goes on a joyride, and totals it. His family is looking to sue you for damages, saying it’s your fault for leaving your keys where his kid could find them.
  • Your daughter goes away to college and gets into an automobile accident while away. She accidentally t-bones the dean of the university and they’re looking for damages.
  • You’re driving the carpool to work and another driver comes out of nowhere and hits you. Your passengers are looking for someone to blame and they’re eyeing you.

Protecting yourself and your family really is as simple as purchasing an umbrella policy with your insurance.  With over half of all the other drivers on the road inadequately insured, that puts the burden on you.

Spending a dollar a day on umbrella insurance also buys you:

  • $1,000,000 coverage
  • Protection from libel or slander
  • Any legal fees associated with litigation
  • Protection for anyone you add to your policy

You wouldn’t drive without a seatbelt, so why are you driving without umbrella automobile insurance?  Get on the phone, call your insurance agent today, and ask them why they didn’t suggest umbrella insurance to you.  And once they’re done apologizing, get yourself fully covered under the protection of an umbrella and don’t look back!

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