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What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a serious problem resulting in nearly a quarter-million needless, preventable deaths each year.  When a patient goes to the doctor, trusting them completely for the highest possible quality of care, they’re putting their lives and wellbeing into the hands of these providers.

What happens to survivors and families of medical malpractice?  It’s shocking to report that very little does happen.  On average, less than 10% of medical malpractice claims are seen through to the end.  People are suffering from major loss – whether the malpractice has ruined their quality of life or taken away a loved one – and the financial burden can be great.

When the “standard of care” isn’t met, then it means your healthcare provider has hurt you through their own failures.  As your malpractice attorney, I will:

  • Prove that you did not receive the standard of care that you deserved. If your doctor did not give you the quality of care that you would expect any patient to receive from an equally trained doctor, then they were negligent in caring for you.
  • Demonstrate that your injury was directly related to that negligence. If your injury was a result of your doctor’s negligence, I will fight to see that you get compensated for it.
  • Show, without a doubt, that the damage to you was grave. This is your health, or the health of your loved one, that we’re talking about.  I will advocate for you to prove that you endured loss of life, income, wellbeing, and livelihood.  If you have medical bills, I will see that you aren’t paying them.  You will be compensated for all of your hardship and suffering.

Medical malpractice includes:

  • Misdiagnosis (including failure to diagnose)
  • Missing vital symptoms
  • Poor aftercare
  • Wrong or incorrect surgery
  • Leaving medical devices in the patient
  • Not getting patient history
  • Not reading a chart correctly
  • Failure to follow up on lab tests

If you or someone you love was a victim of medical malpractice, you cannot delay.  There is a 1-year statute of limitations on medical malpractice claims from the date of the incident of malpractice.

I’ve been serving Columbus, Ohio for over 40 years and I have dedicated my life to ensuring that victims of medical malpractice get the justice and compensation that they deserve.  If you have suffered from medical malpractice, I will fight for you and I will not charge you a single penny – if you don’t win, I don’t get paid.  My fee is contingent on you getting justice.  Give me a call TODAY at 1 (877) 614-9524 for your free consultation.  I’ll be by your side 24/7 if I take your case, giving you my personal cell number.  You don’t have to be afraid or stressed.  You can trust in me and know that I’ll Make Them Pay!®.

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