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How Do I Reach Out to You?

For more than forty years I have served my clients in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.  I know how difficult it can be to etch time out of your normal, 9-to-5 schedule so I make it my goal to be as accessible to you as possible. Not only will I give you my personal cell phone number, giving you a direct line to me 24/7, I’ll also meet you wherever is easiest for you.  Throughout my career, I have met clients at cafes, coffee shops, at funeral homes or gravesites, in hospitals, in their own homes, and of course at my primary or any of my satellite offices.

Who Finances My Case?

I know that lawyer fees can add up quickly, and I know that my clients don’t need to be worrying about how they’re going to pay me when they’re facing a mounting pile of medical bills and treatment costs, especially when they’re already uncertain about their financial future.  That’s why I always work on a contingency basis as your injury lawyer, fronting all costs myself out of my own pocket.  All court fees, filing fees, expert witness fees, and deposition costs are provided as a courtesy to you by me.  When I work as your attorney, I only take a nominal percent of your financial recovery, which means that if you don’t get paid, then neither do I.

But Will They Pay?

Determining the outcome of every personal injury case is largely dependent on two key factors: liability and damages.  When building a case for you, I take a careful look at both of these components to ensure that your case is solid.  Understanding liability is proving that someone is responsible for your loss and that they were negligent in their actions.  When I consider damages, I’m thinking about your compensation.  Did you:

  • Lose wages and future earnings
  • Have piles of medical bills that needed to be paid
  • Require medical care and rehabilitation
  • Suffer from loss of pleasure in life
  • Struggle with pain and suffering from your loss

These are all important considerations when I take on your case.  Your case is entirely your own and must be regarded as unique to you.  As your lawyer, I’ll help you build that case to help prove that your financial losses have a large numerical value.  I’ll work on proving that you did suffer, turning to experts in a wide variety of industries and fields (ranging from internal medicine to mental health, from transportation to aviation, from prosthetic to orthopedics) to ensure the preponderance of evidence is on your side.

What Am I Waiting For?

If you have been injured, it’s vital to remember that there is a statute of limitations in some cases.  That means that the sooner you call me, the better.  Don’t waste time wondering if you should or should not call me – there is literally nothing for you to lose, and so much for you to gain.  Give me a call TODAY for your free initial consultation at 1 (877) 614-9524 and know that when you choose me as your injury lawyer, I’ll Make Them Pay!®

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How I Work to Fight for Personal Injury Victims
This page provides detailed information about how Tim Misny, a highly experienced personal injury lawyer, works to fight for his personal injury and medical malpractice clients to obtain fair compensation.
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