Construction is often considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. From the heavy equipment involved to risks of electrocution, there are deadly hazards on nearly every worksite. Even when workers follow safety protocol to the letter, they can still be seriously injured or killed.

When a project involves working at height, falls are a major risk. These accidents can result in paralysis, brain injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries and death. What are your legal options when you suffer an on-the-job fall at a construction site?

The leading cause of construction injuries and death

Falls from height are the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities on construction sites. Falls represent over a third of all construction injuries. 48 percent of serious injuries and 30 percent of fatalities result from falls.

Anyone who works at height, like ironworkers and roofers, are at risk of falling. Scaffolding, ladders, platforms, openings, skylights, walkways and buildings all pose a fall risk, and they’re particularly hazardous when the structure is particularly tall or during windy or otherwise inclement conditions. Although newer workers are more likely to experience falls, even seasoned professionals can have an accident.

Recovering compensation for your construction accident

Construction workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits when they’re injured on the job, and families are entitled to death benefits if the worker is killed. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system: workers or their families are not obligated to prove they were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

Generally, construction workers cannot file a personal injury claim for an on-the-job accident, unless a third party was responsible for their injuries. When a third party, such as a property owner, subcontractor or vendor cause an accident due to negligence, they may be liable for damages. Similarly, if defective equipment, vehicles, tools or frameworks are involved, the injured worker or their families may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer.

When you’re injured in a construction accident, seek medical attention from emergency services or a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation-approved provider right away. Next, call the Law Offices of Tim Misny. Our firm can guide you through the workers’ compensation process, including any necessary appeals. We’ll also evaluate any potential third party personal injury claims, and explain what kind of compensation you can expect to recover.

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