If you’ve been injured in an accident, whether due to a car accident, defective product, slip-and-fall or otherwise, it’s crucial that you seek medical care as soon as possible. Don’t delay medical care. If you are eligible for a personal injury claim, delaying medical care could affect how much and what kind of compensation you can recover.

Read on to learn why it’s so important to seek medical care right away.

The consequences of delaying medical care

When you file a claim with an insurance company or against a defendant in court, the insurance adjusters and defense attorneys will look for any reason they can find to avoid paying, or pay less. Failing to get your injuries checked out can give the impression that they weren’t as serious as you claim—or at least, that’s what insurance companies and defense attorneys will argue.

Furthermore, our bodies often shield us from the full extent of our injuries for hours or days. Even if you feel fine after an accident, it’s still wise to visit urgent care or your general practitioner for a checkup. Try to see them no more than three days after your accident. Again, however, the sooner the better.

What kind of medical care should you seek?

The severity of your injuries will determine your initial care. Obviously, people who are unconscious or have suffered severe injuries need to go to the emergency room right away.

For less emergent injuries, visiting the nearest urgent care facility will ensure that you receive the appropriate checkup and diagnostic tests. If your injuries are minor, try to get an appointment with an urgent care center or your general practitioner within a day or two, especially if you start feeling pain.

When you get checked out, be specific about what happened and where you feel pain. You want your medical records to accurately reflect your injuries and pain levels—but you also need to ensure that your medical provider can accurate diagnose any “hidden” injuries.

Finally, don’t shirk follow-up care. Follow your provider’s instructions to the letter, and consider documenting your recovery process in your own personal “pain journal.” The more complete your medical and recovery records, the better the Law Offices of Tim Misny can advocate for the maximum compensation available.

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