Most parents would do just about anything for their children—it’s why they research the best ways to care for their kids from the newborn stage all the way through the difficult teenage years. Unfortunately, sometimes even popular infant products can be dangerous.

Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned several infant sleep products that were linked to dozens of infant deaths. The rule will take effect about a year from now and is designed to protect others from “products that do not align with expert medical recommendations for safe sleep.”

According to Consumer Reports, “these types of products have been linked to more than 100 infant deaths” and include inclined sleepers with an angle of greater than 10 degrees, baby boxes, small bassinets without stands, sleep hammocks, and co- or in-bed sleepers.

Avoid These Products

Keep in mind that these dangerous products may still be on the market in your area. Just because an infant sleep product is available to purchase does not mean it is compatible with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep recommendations. “[B]abies should sleep alone on their backs, on a firm, flat, and stable surface that is free of soft bedding or restraints in order to decrease the risk of suffocation.”

When the rule goes into effect, only federally-regulated sleep products that have passed safety tests will be available in stores. That makes your job as a parent a little easier, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing your research. Make sure that before you purchase infant products to check with Consumer Reports and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations. You might also Google specific products to see if they’re linked to any infant deaths or manufacturer recalls. While the blame for faulty products is never on the parents, most are happy to do some extra research to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Products Liability and Infant Sleep Products

If your infant died as a result of a dangerous sleep product, contact an attorney right away. While nothing can bring your child back, the manufacturers need to be held responsible so that it never happens to another family. Your attorney may be able to recover compensation for your losses under a theory of products liability: the idea that a manufacturer is responsible for defective or inherently dangerous products.

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