Many dog breeds are known to be more dangerous than others. Yet homeowners, renters, and families continue to bring home dog breeds that might be more likely to bite than other dog breeds. According to an article in Psychology Today, some insurance companies have a list of “uninsurable” dogs, meaning that those dogs “pose a higher risk” when it comes to animal attacks and dog bites.

Some Dog Breeds are Uninsurable 

Every year, dog bite claims result in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Indeed, in 2019 alone, the Insurance Information Institute (III) reported that liability claims related to dog bites and dog-related injuries resulted in $797 million in payouts. That number represents a rise from previous years, and the total amount of dog bite claims each year has risen in general over the last decade. As the Psychology Today article highlights, many insurance companies have refused to insure homeowners against dog bite injuries by certain breeds.

Yet even if you were bitten by an “uninsurable” dog, you should not worry that you do not have the ability to be compensated. You can still file a claim against the dog owner, and even if that person’s dog is not insured, the owner can be responsible for paying your damages.

Liability for a Dog Bite in Ohio

Nobody should have to go through the pain and devastation of a dog bite injury. Whether you begin the process of seeking compensation by filing an insurance claim or you want to file a dog bite lawsuit, you should know that dog bite laws in Ohio tend to favor dog bite victims who suffer harm as a result of a dog attack. According to Ohio law (Ohio Rev. Code Section 955.28), in most dog bite cases, the injured person can hold the dog owner strictly liable for injuries. What does this mean for you?

In a strict liability dog bite claim, you do not need to prove that the dog owner had previous knowledge of the dog’s propensity for violence, you do not need to prove that the dog had any violent history, and you do not need to prove that the dog owner was negligent in any way. Rather, you will only need to show that the dog bit you and caused injury, and that the owner was the owner of the dog. In other words, the owner is strictly liable for your injuries, regardless of negligence.

Call Me to Get Started on Your Dog Bite Claim

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your dog bite injury, you may or may not be able to obtain compensation through an insurance claim. Yet I want to emphasize that, even if an insurance claim is not the best route for getting you the financial compensation you deserve, you may be eligible to file a dog bite lawsuit.

Even if an insurance company will not provide compensation based on the breed of the dog or other factors, you still have options for holding the dog owner accountable and obtaining damages to compensate you for your losses. Whether it is the insurance company or the owner of the dog that bit you, I’ll Make Them Pay!® Do not hesitate to 877.614.9524 to speak with me about filing a dog bite claim.

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