Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury even for healthy young people. When they occur in nursing homes, they cause significantly more harm. Falls are one of the biggest threats to nursing home residents: patients are more likely to be on medications which cause dizziness, have issues with balance or trouble with weakness. Vision impairment and lack of supervision may make it difficult for residents to spot obstacles, spills and other hazards.

Each year, about 1,800 residents die from falls in nursing homes. A typical nursing home has 100 to 200 falls per year—but a great deal of them go unreported. When negligence or lack of supervision is responsible for a nursing home slip and fall, the Law Offices of Tim Misny can help hold them responsible.

Consequences of nursing home slip and fall accidents

Elderly patients are particularly vulnerable to falls. Some of the consequences include:

  • Broken bones and joints, including hip fractures
  • Lacerations, sprains and contusions
  • Significant pain and suffering
  • Medical complications
  • Surgical intervention
  • Additional rehabilitation

On top of your loved one’s suffering, additional medical care and rehabilitation is expensive. These expenses can quickly drain trusts and savings, leaving the family to cover the patient’s expenses.

Important steps to take

Slip and fall accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Failing to supervise patients, allowing them to engage in inappropriate activities and inexperienced or untrained staff are common. Lack of safety features, poor lighting and tripping and slipping hazards are all signs of a negligent nursing home.

If you learn that a nursing home resident has suffered a slip and fall accident, make sure that your loved one is receiving appropriate medical care. Next, ask to see their medical chart. Get a copy of that chart and any incident report available.

Keep in mind that many nursing homes will try to cover up falls. If your loved one can’t communicate, you might not be able to ask them what happened. That’s when a nursing home abuse attorney can help gather evidence.

Call the Law Offices of Tim Misny for help pursing your slip and fall case. Once you’ve pursued medical care and secured copies of any available documentation, schedule a consultation. We’ll review your claim and explain the legal options available. Then we’ll pursue compensation to the fullest extent of the law.

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