A semi truck carrying 74,000 pounds of chicken crashed on State Route 14 earlier this month. Fortunately, neither the driver, nor his service dog nor anyone else was injured in the accident. According to authorities, the truck tipped over due to its heavy load.

This accident highlights a common cause of semi truck accidents. Because semi trucks are designed to transport large amounts of goods, loaded trucks are extremely heavy. When you share the road with semis, stay alert and give them a wide berth.

Here are some common reasons semis overturn:

  • Improper loading technique: No matter what type of cargo a driver hauls, it must be properly secured. When the load is unsecured, it can shift during transportation. This leads to an imbalanced trailer, which can easily tip over. In some cases, this leads to the cargo spilling out over the road and creating additional hazards for other drivers.
  • Weather conditions: Because semi trucks and trailers are high profile vehicles, they are particularly vulnerable to strong winds. Rain, snow, ice and fog present additional hazards. Even the most cautious drivers can hit a patch of black ice or hydroplane during a storm.
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance: If a vehicle is not well-maintained, the driver can easily lose control. Blowouts and brake issues are two common reasons a semi can tip over.
  • Distracted or impaired driving: While truck drivers’ schedules and driving are heavily regulated, not every company or driver follows the rules. Alcohol, prescription medication, stimulants and a lack of sleep can all impair their ability to drive. Furthermore, distractions, like cell phones and boredom can cause drivers to lose their focus.
  • Speeding: While semis are usually required to go slower than smaller vehicles, some drivers still choose to speed. Going around curves at high speed, braking suddenly and jerking the steering wheel can all lead to overturned trucks.

When you’re sharing the road with a semi, exercise caution. Keep in mind that they take longer to slow down and stop, and can be unsteady, especially in inclement weather.

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