Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are popular, but they have a dark side. People riding e-bikes are more likely to sustain internal injuries and face hospitalization after an accident. These accidents are also three times more likely to involve pedestrians.

However, as people become more concerned about global warming and fuel prices, they are more likely to purchase and ride e-bikes. With that trend comes more e-bike accidents.

Why are electric bikes more dangerous?

E-bikes present challenges not present with conventional bicycles. These include:

  • Speed: Pedal bicycles rarely exceed 10 mph, while e-bikes speeds range from 20 to 25 mph. If the rider activates power assist on their bike, it will accelerate quicker. Riders caught unaware may find it difficult to control their e-bike and are more likely to cause accidents.
  • Battery risks: E-bike owners must use battery packs built for their make and model. Otherwise, they risk fires and explosions. Most fires arise from improper maintenance or homemade battery packs, but improper design and installation are also dangerous. If you are injured due to an e-bike battery fire, we may be able to pursue the manufacturer, too, if the battery pack was flawed.
  • Infrastructure: Many cities remain behind on building proper bike infrastructure. Bicycle lanes and thoroughfares for bikes support safety and keep bicycle traffic flowing smoothly. Without this infrastructure, bicycles are constantly dodging cars and pedestrians. E-bikes are not immune to this, and bicycle infrastructure is critical for them due to their speed. Otherwise, they are in danger of being hit by cars or colliding with pedestrians.
  • Rider inexperience: Many e-bike riders are accustomed to pedal bikes. They are not used to bicycles that move up to 25 mph. Learning to control acceleration and handle a faster bike takes time. Until the rider gains experience, they are at risk of accidents.

What should I do if I’m in an electric bike accident?

First, call the police to the scene, especially if you or anyone else is injured. Next, seek medical treatment. Even if you think an injury is minor, you still need to document it. Also, seemingly minor injuries become serious if you do not treat them. Collect evidence at the accident scene if you can do so. Take photos of bike damage and your injuries. Collect contact information from any witnesses.

Finally, contact the Law Offices of Tim Misny for assistance with your accident claim.

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