Modern medicine has provided us with longer, more comfortable lifespans. Medical devices are a common way to help patients heal from injuries, improve mobility, sleep better and more. While most patients benefit from their medical devices, there’s always a chance the products can be defective. Whether the products include defective components, designs or were manufactured poorly, they can cause significant damage.

Here are four of the most common medical devices:

  • CPAP machines: CPAP machines are commonly used by patients with sleep apnea. They help the patient breathe properly overnight, preventing their upper airways from collapsing. In 2021, Phillips Respironics recalled multiple CPAP and BiPAP models, due to defective design. Foam inside the machine broke down, and some patients inhaled it overnight. Furthermore, the company failed to perform an appropriate recall, leaving thousands of doctors, patients and vendors unaware of the danger.
  • Hip replacements: Hip replacements are surgically implanted to restore mobility, often after falls or other serious accidents. Some brands of hip replacements, however, have been shown to cause bone loss, metal poisoning, fractures and tissue death.
  • Birth control implants: Birth control implants help regulate hormones and prevent pregnancies. Unfortunately, some of them can malfunction, or doctors may perform the implantation improperly. For example, Nexplanon, a birth control device implanted into the arm, has been linked to life-threatening conditions and even permanent nerve damage. Similarly, the Paragard IUD device can pierce the uterus and cause organ damage or infection. It can also break apart inside the body. Some defective implants have caused permanent infertility.
  • Knee replacements: Knee replacements are another common defective medical device. If they fail, the patient may experience increased pain, reduced range of motion and instability.

When you encounter a defective medical device, help is available. The Law Offices of Tim Misny can help you recover compensation from negligent manufacturers and healthcare providers.

Patients who suffer injuries from defective devices can file a products liability claim. This is a type of negligence lawsuit, in which a plaintiff must prove a device was defectively manufactured, designed or not safe for ordinary use. If a medical device is improperly implanted, however, patients may be able to sue for medical malpractice.

Whomever is at fault for your malfunctioning medical device, our firm can help. When you call the Law Offices of Tim Misny, we’ll evaluate your claim and explain your legal options.

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