Big rigs are a crucial part of our economy—from food and farming equipment to pharmaceuticals and our mail, we rely on trucking to transport and deliver goods across the continent. Large trucks weigh about 20 to 30 times more than regular cars and trucks, and they also have up to 18 tires. If any of those tires blow out, serious accidents can occur. If you need to sue for damages, it’s important to know who may be responsible.

Who Could Be at Fault?

  • Tire manufacturer. The tire manufacturer may be liable if there was a product defect. This is called products liability, and it’s a strict liability claim. All you have to do is prove that the tires were defective to show the manufacturer was at fault. Unlike most negligence claims, you don’t have to prove that the manufacturer had a duty of care and that they violated the duty, causing injury.
  • Tire distributor. If the tire defect didn’t occur during the manufacturing process, it may have happened thanks to the distributor. A distributor is responsible for storing and quality checking all the tires that pass through their facility. They’re also responsible for providing the correct tires.
  • A truck mechanic should be able to spot any signs of tire defect, especially when installing the tires. If they mount defective tires, or fail to report signs of tire damage, they could be found negligent in their duties.
  • Trucking company. Sometimes trucking companies can act negligently. For example, they may ignore a mechanic’s recommendations or force the driver to keep driving on clearly defective tires. If someone is injured as a result of those actions, they may be liable.
  • Truck driver. Finally, the truck driver themselves could be considered negligent. If the driver ignored obvious defects, failed to obey the rules of the road or didn’t handle a blowout in a reasonable manner, they may bear some of the responsibility for the accident.

Depending on how your accident occurred, one or all of these entities could be held liable for their negligence. Your attorney can help investigate who may be at fault. They may also choose to name multiple defendants in your suit. This can increase the chance that the appropriate parties are held liable, and you receive the compensation you deserve.

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