We often share the roads with load-bearing vehicles, and the risk of falling cargo can pose a serious threat to drivers. From improperly secured loads to unexpected debris, there is always potential for accidents resulting from falling cargo.

Objects falling off trucks or trailers may seem like a rare occurrence, but the consequences can be severe. From construction materials to furniture, falling cargo has the potential to cause accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. The dangers are not limited to the immediate impact of the cargo hitting a vehicle, either. Swerving to avoid debris or sudden stops can lead to chain-reaction collisions, putting multiple lives at risk.

Who’s liable for injuries caused by falling cargo?

Determining legal liability in falling cargo accidents can be complex.  Negligence on the part of the party responsible for securing and transporting the cargo is often the key factor. If the cargo fell due to inadequate securing or a failure to follow proper safety protocols, the responsible party may be held liable for negligence.

When the falling cargo incident involves a commercial vehicle, both the driver and the company may share liability. Commercial carriers are required to follow strict safety regulations, and failure to do so can result in legal consequences.

In some cases, a third party, such as a cargo loading company, may be responsible for the accident. If the cargo was loaded improperly, leading to the fall, the loading company might be held liable.

Finally, if the incident involves government-owned vehicles or road maintenance equipment, government agencies could be held accountable for failing to maintain safe road conditions.

What to do if you’re injured in a falling cargo accident

If you are injured in an accident involving falling cargo, take the following steps:

  • Seek medical attention: Prioritize your health and seek immediate medical attention, even if you feel fine. Some injuries may not manifest for hours or days later.
  • Document the scene: Take photographs of the incident scene, including the fallen cargo, road conditions and any damage to your vehicle.
  • Collect information: Gather information from witnesses and exchange contact details. Their statements may be helpful when determining liability.
  • Contact law enforcement: Report the incident to law enforcement. This ensures an official record is created, which will help parties determine liability.
  • Consult a lawyer: Reach out to the Law Offices of Tim Misny to learn more about your legal options. You may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries.

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