When we talk about making roads safer, it usually refers to changes like fixing potholes, reconfiguring dangerous intersections and adjusting speed limits. Technology has expanded what we can do. Today, state and local governments hope that road-based sensors could prevent truck accidents, red light and even jaywalker or pedestrian accidents.

These sensors can collect data about vehicles, from tire condition to whether a jaywalker is darting out into traffic, and transmit that data elsewhere. Here’s how road-based sensors could make Ohio roads safer.

How road-based sensors work to prevent vehicle accidents

The term “road-based sensors” encompasses both actual sensors embedded in the road, as well as sensors and cameras pointed at the road. These sensors record data and may transmit it to local authorities, such as the Department of Transportation or Highway Patrol. Some technologies allow the sensors to broadcast alerts directly to vehicles with a V2X antenna.

Embedded sensors can record information about the vehicles traveling over the road in real time. For instance, they can detect whether vehicles have flat, under-inflated or mismatched tires. This is especially important for large, heavy vehicles like buses and semi-trucks. Tire issues can lead to blowouts. When a truck or bus suffers a blowout, its size and weight can cause deadly accidents.

Sensors and cameras pointed at the road can provide similar life-saving benefits. For instance, the broadcasting technology could alert drivers to cars about to run red lights, jaywalkers darting into traffic and other hazards. Infrared cameras at truck weigh stations can determine whether a truck’s brakes are too hot or cold, so the driver can resolve the issue before a problem occurs.

The technology could even detect and predict traffic congestion, letting drivers know whether another route is safer and faster.

What to do if you’re in a vehicle accident

While these technologies could save lives, it will be a while before they’re available everywhere. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, seek medical attention right away. Some injuries take hours or days to manifest. If your condition permits, take as many photos of the cars, damage, scene and injuries as possible. Call local law enforcement or 911 to report the accident and alert emergency services, if necessary, and avoid admitting fault or downplaying potential injuries.

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