Sending our elderly relatives to a nursing home is a tough decision—but when you find out that they’re not being cared for properly, it’s especially difficult. You and your loved ones should be able to trust that your Ohio nursing home will treat their residents right.

These common myths about elder abuse can shed some light on what an aging resident may undergo during their stay in long-term care. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from nursing home and elder abuse, call the Law Offices of Tim Misny today.

Here are the most common myths about elder abuse:

  • No signs of physical abuse: Many people assume that if there are no signs of physical abuse, their loved one is safe. Unfortunately, emotional, verbal, mental and sexual abuse may not leave visible scars. If your loved one’s behavior suddenly changes, that could be a sign of nursing home abuse.
  • It’s no big deal: It’s easy to assume that nursing home abuse is no big deal, especially if the patient lacks signs of physical abuse. Remember that what you see in the nursing home may not be representative of how your loved one is treated the rest of the time. Abuse victims are more likely to suffer serious ailments, mental health injury and die prematurely. Take action as soon as you see the signs.
  • They brought it upon themselves: No matter how cantankerous an elderly person may be, they don’t deserve nursing home abuse. Nursing homes have a duty to serve their patients and protect them from abuse. There should be protocols in place for dealing with cranky residents—ones that do not involve abuse.
  • Nursing home caretakers can’t get financial information: You might assume that nursing home caretakers can’t get your loved one’s financial information. Unfortunately, the elderly are prone to falling for scams and giving out personal information, especially if they’ve experienced cognitive decline. Try to review their accounts if you have financial power of attorney.

While some nursing homes provide excellent care to residents, not all homes and caretakers are so scrupulous. Keep a close eye on your elderly loved ones. They may not be able to communicate what’s going on—but when you understand the signs of nursing home abuse, you might save them from further pain.

If you have a nursing home abuse case, call the Law Offices of Tim Misny today.

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