When you’re in a car accident, you’re generally required by Ohio state law to report the accident to local authorities. If the police create a report, it can provide valuable information about your legal claim.

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Here’s a guide to how police reports are used in accident cases.

What kind of information is contained in an accident police report?

Generally, police officers are obligated to take down information about the car accident, including:

  • Time, date and location of accident
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Description of the accident
  • Potential (or assumed) cause of the accident
  • Description of damages
  • Photographs of the scene, injuries and damage to the vehicles
  • Witness information, contact information and witness statements

If the police decline to show up at your accident, you may still report it. Call your local law enforcement office for more information about how to make a report—it could be valuable information in your personal injury case.

How can I get a police report after an accident?

Once the police report is filed, you have the right to receive a copy. The reporting officer may offer you a copy when you make the report, but sometimes injuries and other factors make that impracticable. In that case, call the law enforcement agency to which you reported, and ask for a copy.

If you run into difficulty obtaining your police report, the Law Offices of Tim Misny will be happy to get it for you.

How can an accident police report help?

While police reports aren’t always completely accurate, they can provide valuable third-party validation of your claims. The report may back up your version of how the accident happened, or offer information about how your injuries appeared.

In some cases, your police report may be inaccurate—but that’s not a bar to recovery. If you believe that your accident was misconstrued, having seasoned legal help on your side can make a big difference. A good car accident injury attorney can help you correct the report or present a compelling case to your insurance adjusters.

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