Every year, hundreds of bus accidents occur across America. Although that’s a relatively low number overall, bus accidents can be deadly. Buses not only carry more passengers, but their heavy weight can make them particularly dangerous to other vehicles and pedestrians.

If you’re in a bus accident, one of the first things your attorney will do is determine who is at fault. Knowing who to sue is important: whether it’s the bus driver, their company, a municipality or another negligent driver, everyone injured deserves fair compensation.

These are some of the most common causes of bus accidents:

  • Improperly maintained vehicles: Although the federal government regulates common carriers, such as buses, planes and trains, some bus companies flout the rules for a bigger bottom line. They may choose to neglect their maintenance duties to save money or time. Companies or municipalities who fail to properly maintain their buses can be held responsible when that causes an accident.
  • Bus driver negligence: Bus drivers themselves can be negligent, too—although you will usually sue their employer under a theory of vicarious liability. Distracted driving, drug or alcohol use, speeding and other negligent acts can cause deadly accidents.
  • Bus driver fatigue: Bus drivers are prone to fatigue, especially when they’re driving long distances at one time. However, fatigue dulls the senses, similar to alcohol use. Reaction times are slower, and in some cases, the bus driver may fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Defective bus parts: Some accidents are caused by defective parts. This may be the responsibility of the part manufacturer, the maintenance technicians or both. When a company manufactures a defectively designed, produced or otherwise unsafe-for-reasonable-use product, they’re responsible for any damage it causes. Similarly, if a maintenance tech knowingly installs a defective part, they may be responsible too.
  • Blind spots and turns: Like semi-trucks, drivers should give buses a wide berth. When they’re turning or changing lanes, they need more room to maneuver. They also have significant blind spots. This is a common cause of collisions, whether the driver misjudged the turn or an auto driver was following in a blind spot.
  • Other drivers: Finally, other drivers may cause accidents. Unsafe driving around large vehicles like buses can cause serious injuries to passengers and auto drivers alike.

When you’re injured in an accident, seek medical help immediately. When your condition is stable, call a personal injury lawyer for help.

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