Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy Ohio’s sights and weather. Unfortunately, because bikes are less protected than vehicles, accidents can be especially harmful to cyclists.

Here are some of the most common bicycle accident injuries you may encounter:

  • Broken limbs: Broken bones, whether a limb, a rib or another type of fracture might not be life-threatening, but they can be expensive, painful and inconvenient for the cyclist, especially when multiple injuries are involved. Depending on their line of work, it may lead to weeks or months of lost wages.
  • Facial injuries: Facial injuries can often be mitigated by wearing a helmet, but even helmet wearers may find themselves subject to scarring, eye injuries and other consequences.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Wearing a helmet is key in preventing traumatic brain injuries: as strong as our skulls are, they’re not designed to withstand significant impact. This is especially common when a cyclist is involved in a collision with a vehicle on a paved road. While wearing a helmet can significantly reduce your chances of severe brain injury, cyclists are still vulnerable.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Muscle, soft tissue, ligament and tendon injuries can all occur when the body is stretched unnaturally. These soft tissues can tear, leaving the victim in severe pain. Loss of function (temporary or permanent) is common after soft tissue injuries, and they often need physical therapy or surgical intervention to recover full function.
  • Spinal injuries: Neck and spine injuries are always a risk to cyclists. While wearing helmets can protect you, whiplash, broken bones and spinal cord injuries are all common in severe bike vs. vehicle accidents. These type of injuries can result in permanent damage, like paralysis.
  • Death: Even bicyclists who wear appropriate safety gear and use helmets and reflectors can be killed in an accident. This is devastating for the surviving family members, especially when the deceased is a breadwinner.

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