Many different kinds of actions and omissions can result in another person suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Every year, hundreds of thousands of people sustain TBIs. As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain, some of these TBIs are considered to be “mild,” yet even mild TBIs can result in temporary loss of consciousness, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and mood problems, just to name a handful of symptoms.

As you may know, concussions are a type of mild TBI. Sometimes brain injuries result from accidents, but they also happen as a result of acts of violence, and among service members in combat. The following are some of the most common accidental causes of TBIs.

Car Accidents and Brain Injuries

Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading accidental causes of TBIs, and these accidents often lead to traumatic brain injuries in people of all ages. About 20% of all reported traumatic brain injuries happen in traffic crashes, and many of them could be prevented with regular seat belt usage and improved automobile safety features.

TBIs Result From Falls From Heights, and Slips and Falls

 Falls are usually cited as the leading accidental cause of TBIs (and in fact the leading cause of all traumatic brain injuries). Usually close to one-third of all TBIs happen when a person falls. Falls can include ground-level slips, trips, and falls as well as falls from heights.

Sometimes falls cause TBIs when someone trips and falls at work or slips and falls while walking through a retail store. Falls among the elderly can also result in brain injuries. In many fall accidents, another party’s negligence was the primary reason the accident happened. It may be possible to file a claim and hold the negligent party accountable.

Sports and Recreational Activities Result in Head Trauma

While traffic crashes cause a high rate of brain injuries in kids, sports-related concussions are often cited as the leading type of brain injury among teens and young adults.

Sports-related concussions and concussions from recreational activities can happen when a person is playing team contact sports, as well as when someone is engaged in a solo recreational activity like ziplining. Depending upon the particular facts, a coach, a facility where the accident occurred, or another party could be liable for a sports-related brain injury.

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Traumatic brain injuries can vary widely in terms of severity, and these catastrophic injuries can result from many different kinds of accidents and intentionally harmful behavior. In addition to accidents in which Columbus-area residents suffer TBIs, these devastating injuries can also result from wrongful actions like assaults.

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