A Cincinnati man has raised concerns about an assisted living facility in Mount Washington. He is alleging that a caregiver was caught on a security camera assaulting his elderly mother, who suffers from advanced-stage dementia.

The distressing incident was recorded in the frail woman’s private room at The Ashford, showing a nursing aide berating the 76-year-old resident and throwing objects at her. The resident’s son Joshua Gaunt, who installed the camera, is calling for a thorough investigation and increased transparency in the facility’s operations.

Nursing home abuse and Esther’s Law

Nursing home abuse refers to any intentional, negligent or harmful actions that result in physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual harm to residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

This type of abuse can take various forms, including physical violence, emotional or verbal mistreatment, financial exploitation, neglect and sexual abuse. Vulnerable elderly individuals and their families often rely on these facilities for their well-being and safety.

In 2022, a new law went into effect to help protect elderly residents. Ohio’s Esther’s Law gives nursing home residents and resident representatives “the ability to authorize and install electronic monitoring devices in resident rooms to monitor the quality of care received in the home.” Esther’s Law allows electronic monitoring devices in nursing home settings but does not cover assisted living facilities, leaving room for discretion in camera policies. In Gaunt’s case, despite signs notifying workers of the camera installed in his mother’s room, no one complained until he brought video evidence of abuse and neglect to the administration.

Signs of nursing home abuse

It’s important for loved ones to monitor their elderly patients carefully when they live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In the case above, Gaunt installed the camera after noticing a “significant decline” in his mother’s condition over the last six months. He said he noticed “Everything from bruising to red marks on her arms, skin tears. Her earring was pulled off, destroying her ear and she was constantly laying in her own feces.”

Whether or not an assisted living facility allows cameras, loved ones should watch for common signs of abuse. These typically include significant behavioral changes, a decline in health, untreated bedsores, social isolation and signs of physical abuse or malnutrition. Monitoring financial accounts can help prevent or spot financial exploitation. Be sure to talk to and visit your loved one regularly to keep tabs on their condition.

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