Dashboard cameras, or dashcams, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These devices can provide valuable evidence in the event of accidents or disputes on the road. However, many drivers are unsure whether dashcam footage is admissible as evidence after an accident—or if using the footage could hurt their claim.

Can dashcam footage be used in court or with insurance companies?

Dashcam footage can provide valuable evidence in car accident cases. If the camera caught the accident on film, it can offer unbiased documentation of the events leading up to and following the collision. This can help establish fault. It can also capture important details that may be overlooked or forgotten by eyewitnesses, which provides a more accurate account of what occurred. The footage may be from your dashcam, or you may be able to collect it from eyewitnesses with their own dashcams.

In general, dashcam footage is considered admissible in court as long as it is relevant to the case, authentic and not obtained illegally. However, if you have your own camera, you should research the laws regarding privacy and surveillance in your region to ensure that your use complies with local rules.

What to know about dashcams and car accident claims

If you have a dashcam, be sure that it’s properly installed and functioning correctly. Regularly review and save the footage to ensure it is correctly recording and preserving the video.

While dashcam footage can be a valuable tool in car accident cases, it does have limitations. Dashcams have a limited field of view and may not capture all the details of an accident. Factors like poor lighting or obstructions may affect the quality of the footage.

Because the dashcam footage may not provide conclusive evidence, it’s still important to talk to eyewitnesses, make a police report, seek prompt medical care and work with a skilled personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Tim Misny. Personal injury attorneys can help you recover evidence, navigate insurance claims and prove the extent of the damage. This will improve your chances of recovering compensation.

Finally, it’s important to remember that dashcam footage can also work against you. If you’re responsible for the accident—such as running a red light, speeding or engaging in distracted or drunk driving—insurance companies and courts can use that evidence to establish your own liability. Make a habit of obeying all traffic laws and, if you’re involved in an accident, reach out to our firm as soon as possible.

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