Sending your kids off to camp is usually an exciting experience: from activities and sports to social interaction and new types of learning, it’s a popular summer tradition. However, there is always a risk of injury.

Can you hold your child’s summer camp liable if they were injured? Here’s what you should know about summer camp injuries.

Common summer camp injuries

These are a few of the most common camp injuries:

  • Severe sunburn or heatstroke: Children don’t fully understand the risk of sun exposure. Camp counselors and leaders should encourage children to apply sunblock often, and drink plenty of water. If the camp fails to warn and/or supervise the children, they may be liable for severe burns and heatstroke.
  • Swimming and boating injuries: Swimming and boating can be dangerous. Even shallow pools can lead to drowning accidents. Camps must carefully supervise these activities to ensure the children remain safe.
  • Sprains and broken bones: Campers may be injured during hikes, sporting activities and more. If they were left unsupervised, or if the premises were poorly maintained, the camp may bear responsibility.
  • Serious insect or animal bites: Although it’s difficult to ward off every poisonous insect, animal or reptile, camp leaders are responsible for educating campers on best practices to avoid harm, and administering first aid and calling for help if a bite occurs.

Waivers and summer camp injuries

When enrolling a child in camp, parents and guardians are often asked to sign liability waivers. These inform parents of the risk and may prevent them from filing a lawsuit after an accident occurs. However, not all waivers are binding, and they don’t protect the camp from every kind of lawsuit.

For example, if the injury your child suffered wasn’t a known risk covered in the waiver, you may not be barred from filing a lawsuit. Similarly, if the waiver breaks any laws or the language is imprecise or inaccurate, you are unlikely to be bound by the waiver.

Third party liability

Finally, you may be entitled to file a claim against a third party. This is common when a defectively designed or manufactured product causes an injury, such as defective sporting equipment, vehicles and more.

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