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columbus distracted driving accidents

Columbus, OH Distracted Driving Accidents


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Distracted driving is a serious problem in and around Columbus, Ohio, and many people blame the rise of smartphone technology for the increase in distracted driving collisions. While texting and talking on a smartphone certainly can be a cause of a distracted driving accident in Columbus, it is important to remember that distracted driving accidents are not new. To be sure, many different distracting behaviors, from conversation with other vehicle occupants to snacking on the road can be distracting. Any distractions can be dangerous. As an experienced Columbus accident attorney, I want to urge you to seek advice about filing a claim if you were injured by a distracted driver.

What is Distracted Driving in Columbus, OH?

What is distracted driving? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), distracted driving includes any actions or behaviors that take a driver’s attention from the road. The CDC highlights three specific types of distraction:

  • Visual distraction, which means taking your eyes from the road;
  • Manual distraction, which means removing your hands from the steering wheel; and
  • Cognitive distraction, which means taking your mind away from the task of driving.

Statute of Limitations for a Columbus, Ohio Distracted Driving Accident Claim 

Many people who have been injured in distracted driving accidents in or around Columbus, Ohio begin the claims process by filing an auto insurance claim. Whether you file an auto insurance claim through your own insurance company or through the insurer of the at-fault driver, you might receive some of the compensation you deserve, but your recovery may be limited for a variety of reasons. In these scenarios, you may be able to move onto a distracted driving accident lawsuit.

If you do plan to file a lawsuit against the distracted driver, you will need to be aware of the statute of limitations. Under Ohio law, most car accident lawsuits, including distracted driving lawsuits, must be filed within two years from the date of the collision. While many injury victims assume that this is a long time and that they do not need to act immediately, I want to emphasize how critical it is to get started on your lawsuit as early and as quickly as possible. I can preserve evidence in your case and can help you to seek compensation more quickly to help cover your losses.

Contact Me for Assistance with Your Distracted Driving Accident Claim 

Distracted driving accidents happen much too often in Columbus and throughout the state of Ohio. It is critical for you to know that nearly all distracted driving crashes are preventable, yet these kinds of crashes continue to occur because other drivers are careless and reckless. If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries in a distracted driving accident, I can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. As an experienced Columbus accident lawyer, I know how to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions. I’ll Make Them Pay!® Call my office today at 877.614.9524 for assistance with your case.

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